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Our people are our greatest asset

KAEFER values diversity in the industries we work in and in our people.  We embrace differing ideas as it brings innovation to our company.  Embracing diversity also makes KAEFER an exciting place to work and to grow professionally.

Lane Griffith, Foreman

I like working for KAEFER because of how loyal the company has been to me as an employee and the opportunities they have given me to grow as an Insulator.


Lane Griffith

Tahnee Denesik

Tahnee Denesik

What can career development look like at KAEFER? Tahnee joined KAEFER as a Fireproofer at the age of 18 and transitioned to a site administrator shortly after. With further development and exposure, she shifted to our head office in St. Albert (Edmonton) and is now working as a project controller. In addition to her job, and with an enthusiasm and dedication to further her career, Tahnee is enrolled in a Bachelor of Business Administration at NAIT - a pursuit that is supported by KAEFER.  

KAEFER's commitment to employee development has helped me develop the knowledge and skills I need to grow my career. I am forever thankful for that!


Rafael Machado, CEO

Just one month after starting at RIP Serviços Industriais - a KAEFER company - in Brazil, the project manager quit, and Rafael Machado was offered the job. Never a stranger to rising to a challenge, Rafael accepted and his career at KAEFER blossomed from there. He is currently CEO at KAEFER in Canada.

That’s the short version. But the longer story involves Rafael’s passion for education. While working at RIP, he started studying for an engineering degree, taking classes in the evenings. It took him five years of hard work and he managed to graduate in 2012. That wasn’t the end of the story, however.

In 2019 he started working on his MBA, which is currently in progress. Rafael greatly values the possibility to study while working. “If I could have started my academic career earlier, I certainly would have,” he explains.

KAEFER has given me the opportunity to expand my horizons and work towards my self-realisation.



Rafael Machado_Employee_CEO

René Lemoine, Senior Estimator/Project Manager (Retired)

René Lemoine

I had the pleasure and privilege of working for KAEFER for 25+ years.  The growth was phenomenal.  And with growth comes change. 

 KAEFER has made every effort to ensure the proper personnel are in place to make these transitions as painless as possible.  As an ‘old guy’, I appreciate that.

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