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KAEFER’s Lean Development Programme

Leading towards the future

Being lean means keeping the big picture in mind.  But it’s also about knowing that the big picture consists of many smaller ones.  That's why KAEFER has extensive lean training for our employees.  It’s one of the ways we are different in applying lean, in that we want the maxim of zero waste to run through our blood.

Our Lean Development Programme gives our employees the tools to become process improvers and coaches.  It does not matter if it is a Line Manager, Project or Site Manager; each employee is trained to take ownership of process improvement and to become a coach to help others to develop as well.  This is achieved with learning about lean principles and methodologies and experiencing their practical applications.

The programme offers a range of certifications: Lean Practitioner, Lean Professional and Lean Master.  This allows them to build upon their skills, develop themselves and gain valuable, practical insights into how to use lean to stay ahead of the game.  The reward is not just an easier and less wasteful workflow, but also an investment in the personal development of each individual manager at KAEFER.


An organization with a healthy lean culture has a differentiating factor that provides value for both external and internal customers.  Lean involves all employees in identifying and removing obstacles to good work practices whether large or small.  At KAEFER we have seen various teams produce great benefits working with Lean methodologies. 

Walter Kosmin
Field Superintendent